Frequently Asked Questions

Does Prosk require changes to clinic processes?
Clinic flow adjustments are minimal where surveys are already in place.  Clinic staff will need to pre-load the patient medical identification number into Prosk to establish first-time patient access.  Except for the patient completing an electronic form instead of a paper form, the process is the same.

Does Prosk require additional patient visit time?
No.  The same amount of time used to complete paper surveys is used with Prosk.  Real-time scoring and graphic output provides immediate availability of the patient outcomes and history.

What additional information does Prosk provide?
The patient outcomes report provides a diagnostic tool that facilitates an enhanced, richer outcomes dialogue with patients.   The patient outcomes report represents scored data from the current patient visit and the scored data from prior visits.  It shows the patient’s outcome in perspective with normative standards.

What information was used to develop the Prosk surveys?
Prosk was designed with the input of respected physicians, surgeons, and health care institutions. Prosk includes PROMIS standard general health surveys and scoring methods.  Additional subscription-based surveys can be included.

Does Prosk require additional resources to operate?
No.  Prosk is web-enabled software and does not require investment in additional hardware or software to operate nor does it require external system administrators or additional data processing.

How is patient outcome information stored? 
Patient information is stored in a secure cloud database and all patient data is owned by the facility/physician.

How is patient outcomes data displayed?
Depending on the survey, outcomes data is displayed as an overall score graphed over time for each patient and compared to normalized scores.

Are there options for graphical display of outcomes?
Yes.  Prosk includes a standard set of graphical displays for bar charts, pie graphs, etc., but users may define graphic display contents and presentation according to facility needs.

Can Prosk be integrated with existing EHRs or other patient records?
Yes.  Since Prosk data resides within the facility’s database, it can be easily integrated with other applications, though this requires an additional one-time cost to integrate with additional applications. Prosk provides data exports in a variety of formats, and the unique patient ID enables integration of outcomes data with existing EHR database records.

Can surveys be customized for use in Prosk?
Yes, although there are many benefits provided by standard, validated surveys/instruments, such as comparison of outcomes to similar patient groups across the facility, region, or even across the nation.  If, however, customized surveys are needed, SIS will work with you to define customized surveys for an additional cost.

What surveys are included in Prosk?
The PROMIS standard health and the HOOS (Hip), KOOS (Knee) orthopedic instruments and scoring methods are included in the application.  In addition, other surveys, such as MDASI, SF-36, DASH or others can be included.  The standard surveys and analytics provide the basis for accurate review and assessment of patient outcomes.

How long does it take to implement Prosk?
Prosk is a cloud-based, web-accessible software application. It is available for use once standard information (e.g., locations, physicians, surveys, patient messages and survey options) and patient information in loaded into Prosk for use. Creation of custom surveys requires some additional time to load into Prosk for facility use.