Seattle Information Systems, Inc

SIS is a privately-held technology corporation dedicated to innovative product development to enable health care providers to simplify assessment of patient treatment results through a systematic approach to patient outcomes reporting.  Our primary product, Prosk, achieves this while also enhancing facility profitability.
SIS was created to improve patient reported outcomes measurement.  Over the past few years, SIS has worked closely with physicians in Oregon and Washington to establish patient survey databases that are easy to implement and meet both provider and patient needs. SIS believes every patient deserves quality of life considerations in discussions with health care providers.  We also believe health care providers deserve timely, accurate patient reported outcomes results. Our dedication to iteratively develop and improve Prosk resulted in a solution that uses standard, accepted health care surveys and analytics to trend and compare outcomes.Our mission is to be the premier provider of simple, fast, and accurate patient outcomes measurement solutions.
Our team has more than a half-century of combined years of software development and deployment for large organizations.  We are driven to provide our clients with high quality software, product expertise and premier service.  We are dedicated to the belief that Prosk is the right solution at the right time for the health care industry.