What is Prosk

Prosk is a revolutionary patient reported outcomes management application designed and developed by Seattle Information Systems, Inc.
Prosk provides patient outcomes collection of validated surveys through the use of tablets and smart mobile devices. Patient answers to electronic surveys are precise and complete: no more invalid surveys due to ambiguous or missing responses. Answers are scored applying standard algorithms and immediately available for review during the patient visit. Patient outcomes data is stored, can be included in the Patient Health Record and can be graphically represented to compare patient progress over time as well as with other patient results.
91% of patients prefer touchscreen input over paper
Use of electronic survey collection improves scoring accuracy and completeness
Real-time outcomes data facilitates patient/provider dialogue during the patient visit

How does it work

Prosk contains standard, industry-accepted health care surveys for patients to complete both at the start of treatment as well as ongoing monitoring according to treatment.
Patients are issued a tablet upon facility check-in or provide survey responses over time through a secure internet connection.  Responses are provided by checking boxes or choosing not to respond, increasing the accuracy and use of objective data for compiling patient outcome responses.
After patient responses are collected, surveys are scored automatically and stored electronically.  With instant results, physicians can review outcomes reports on all current and past patient-reported data even before the examination.  These results can be graphically represented and trended to facilitate simple, accurate tracking of progress over time.

Who uses it

Insurers, HMOs, and specialty facilities (cancer treatment, orthopedic, spine, chiropractic and cardiology centers) are the typical Prosk users.  In general, any health care facility that measures and tracks patient outcomes has a need for the unique benefits and features of Prosk.