Why is it Unique

Electronic scoring of patient surveys ensures accuracy by eliminating duplicate or missing responses, paper survey transcription errors and data compilation mistakes
  •  Standardized, validated health care surveys provide accepted response scoring and comparative measures to determine patient health and progress
  • PRO information is immediately available for physician review with the patient through graphical representation showing patient trends and comparison with normalized scores
  • Easily accessible through secure internet connection
  • Comparative patient survey responses over time as well as with other similar patients enhances treatment method success
  • Outcomes analytics provide accurate, reliable outcomes scoring and comparison for review and assessment
  • Increases patient involvement in care and treatment
  • Minimizes infrastructure costs since no additional hardware is required
  • Outcomes data can be easily integrated to existing EHR data, providing outcomes reports as part of comprehensive patient EHR information
  • Data meets health information privacy requirements and complies with HIPAA regulations