SIS firmly believes in the End Results Idea developed by E. A. Codman – health care providers should listen to the patient and have responsibility for the overall outcomes of prescribed medical treatment.

  Measuring end results puts the focus on selecting treatments that work and eliminates both waste and harm due to ineffective treatment.

Other Common Principle Articles

“A hospital patient’s medical chart is a write-only memory.  Its purpose is for CYA, billing and legal purposes.  No one wants to read it, especially the interns.  They carry around 3 by 5 cards so they don’t have to open the chart.  The first question in a medical conference is usually about the data, when did such and such happen, not about the care.”  Notes from Edward Tufte Seminar by David Stacks (1999)

Health care providers who learn from experience in providing effective treatment usually deliver the most value and innovate most rapidly.  Redefining Health Care by Michael E. Porter (2006)

There is a trend toward using patient outcomes data to estimate the relationship between medical intervention, health outcomes and costs.  Lab Coat Plus Laptops Can Equal Better Medical Care by Michael L. Millenson (2001)